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White House Doctor Blasts Christie’s Obesity

Posted Feb 09 2013 1:27pm

healthillustrated From Your Health Journal…..”This week, I have seen dozens of articles pertaining to Governor Chris Christie and his weight. I am from New Jersey, where he is my Governor, and seen so much controversy about him over the years – on many different levels. He is a man who speaks his mind, and no afraid to make a decision. I do not necessarily agree with many of his decisions, but regardless, get bothered seeing him in the media solely because of his weight…..really do no like anyone being blasted due to their weight. I do get it, a potential President of the United States needs to be healthy, as he has a very large responsibility, helping countless people with their lives while serving his country. If something happens to him in office, it effects many people.

Since I deal with many obese children, I sometimes worry about their feelings when they read about Governor Christie and his weight – and the negative stereotype that he cannot do the post of President since he may be obese. What message are these children getting? It does not matter what I think of Governor Christie, but I do worry about obese children hearing this message. Please visit the Examiner web site if you want to read the complete article. This is going to end up being very interesting, as Christie is a fighter and won’t back down from the negative criticism. Will he lose weight to shut people up, or will he stay the way he is because that is ‘who he is.’ Regardless, he is a smart, and will do what is good for his health, both mentally and physically. You have not heard the end of this story.”

From the article…..

Former Clinton-era White House physician Scottsdale-based Dr. Connie Mariano urged 50-year-old New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to deal with his obesity or face a possible heart attack or stroke should he decide to run for the presidency in 2016. When former Massachusetts Gov. and GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney picked Tea Party favorite House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) Aug. 12, 2012, moderate Republicans groaned. Romney completely miscalculated picking Ryan hoping to capture the conservative vote not thrilled with Mitt. Moderates, independents and crossover Democrats hoped Romney would pick Christie. Unlike one-size-fits-all GOP politicians, Christie isn’t afraid to speak his mind even when it comes to complimenting President Barack Obama for helping New Jersey in the wake of hurricane Sandy. Republicans growled at Christie for praising Obama Oct. 30, right before the Nov. 6 election.

Known for his obesity, the 50-year-old Christie has been a media magnet, drawing large crowds where he goes. Picking Ryan was a huge blunder for the 65-year-old Romney who needed more support among independents than pandering to Ryan’s Tea Party base. Speaking on CNN Feb. 6 a day after Christie appeared on CBS’ “Late-Show” with Dave Letterman, Mariano said she supported Christie’s future bid for president yet raised his weight problems. “It’s almost like a time bomb waiting to happen unless he addresses those issues before running for office,” said Mariano, knowing full well about the recent slew of research showing that obese people don’t necessarily have a lower life expectancy. A recent Cornell University study indicated that obese people do not necessarily have more health problems when compared with their non-obese counterparts. Mariano’s public remarks about Christie’s obesity prompted the New Jersey governor to raise his voice at her.

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