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When Medical Students and Doctors Put $ and Life Style Above Patient Care

Posted Jan 17 2012 1:10pm

I was having a discussion last week with my wise twenty-one-year-old grandson and complaining about a young medical student who told me his life style was more important than getting the best medical training possible. I was appalled when the man said this. My grandson said, "I don't think he is much different from  many of the twenty and thirty-year-olds today. Many have been raised to think that money and position are more important than anything else."

I felt very sad that any physician or medical student would put good patient care at the bottom of their list of priorities. What is going to happen to patient care if money and life style become the overriding concerns? But if young people aspire to work at Goldman Sachs or similar companies because of the enormous salaries and bonuses, i guess greed has become the dominant force in our society. What about the kids who don't have financial backing or a good education? What do they do? If the Governor of Pennsylvania can keep public schools, in one part of his state, from receiving any money and the teachers are working without pay, we have major problems in our country. I heard one commentator say that by not educating kids, it gives the rich much more control over voters. That is tragic and we must start to make some changes or I feel that medical care and our lives in general will be in serious trouble.

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