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When Coaches Push Too Hard

Posted Apr 10 2012 4:27pm

Not too long ago I was talking with two brothers, who are both college students. Their lives are completely controlled by two different coaches, as both spend five or more hours a day weight lifting, working out, or in practice. When I asked when they had time to study or have fun, both laughed. I then asked what they planned to do after college and neither young man was sure. One brother was having considerable back pain and the other was having pain in a knee, which concerned me. I didn't understand why the parents seemed so complacent about what was happening to their sons. Did they have any idea  what the future might hold for them?  Yes, one or both of the young men could get to play professional sports, but that might not happen, so then what would they do if they were constantly in pain from all their injuries?

Then there is the New Orleans football coach, who hopefully will never be able to coach another team. He  paid his players to injure members of the other teams. What has happened in the country that we take sports so seriously and put young peoples' lives and health at risk?  Not too long ago I met a young man who was a quadriplegic, as the result of a college football injury. How glad I am that my son, who did play varsity football for a year, decided to change to acting his junior year in high school, even though the coach tried to shame him into continuing with his team. I think parents need to be vigilant and watch their childrens' coaches very carefully.

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