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When a Child Aspirates...Dealing with Silent Aspiration

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:07pm 7 Comments
Suzanne Evans Morris has a great article explaining silent aspiration on her New Visions website. I will post a link to this article on the right side of my blog. It is so very hard to for parents to understand the results of a swallow study when silent aspiration is diagnosed. Hope this great resource helps.
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Could I please have the link to this article??  THANKS in advanceâ??feeding.9.pdf 

Here is the pdf file.  Our PreChaining therapy deals with treatment of infants and children who aspirate or even silently aspirate. We have been very successful going backward and building or refining skills, using sensory loaded liquids (amount determined by the child's skills) through the right products (Dr. Brown slow flow nipples, Nuby sip cups, Playtex or Munchkin brand sip cups, Lil Spiller cups, Bionix bottles and straws) to control the rate of liquid trials while having the product slow the flow.   These kids can really make remarkable improvement if handled correctly.  

Thank you but the article apparently is no longer available.  Am in the process of developing information for the State of Maryland, and looking for articles on signs of aspiration that we could use in determining whether it is safe for children to be fed in the school system or in infant/toddler programs.  If you have any information that could help, I would be most appreciative.  We need information that is "strong enough" that would help us in sticky situations when therapists feel that it is unsafe to feed a child, but that parents are demanding that we feed them even when the children are clearly in danger and legitimately refusing to eat.  Trying to avoid any unnecessary lawsuits as well as provide therapists with better guidelines.  THANKS in advance if you have any information. 
Here you go...try this one.  Suzanne is amazing.  Scroll down this long list of articles and it is in there.  Cheri
You should also check out Tomasik 2009 Readiness to Oral Feed Scale.  
Thanks Cheri.  Will do.  Betsy
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