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whats is causing my childs foot pain?

Posted by jessy3

my daughter is 9 yrs. old attends ballet,tap ,jazz 2 times a week for each class is a total of 2 hours a week with no breaks except bathroom attending for 1 1/2 yrs. while in ballet class 3 weeks ago she said she heard and felt a big cracking sensation come from the inner edge of her left foot (under big toe straight to heel)wich made her fall and couldnt walk for about an hour.took her to e.r. doctor said he seen nothing on this is reoccurring much more often and now the rigt foot is having same cracking pain feeling but from the outer edge (under baby toe to heel)with occasionaly very mild swelling along the edges of the feet .im not sure what this could be from .should i run to the podiatrist?or i this normal growing?any advice is much ppreciated thanks donna
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