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What is causing child's acute breathing problem on inhale?

Posted by Tom

My son is 11 years old, has recently started having an acute attack whereby he has trouble inhaling, sometimes leading to passing out.  His doctor has witnessed this first hand and says it's not asthama since it's on the inhale not exhale, and it's coming from the bottom of the throat not further down.  You can hear a wheezing fairly easily on the inhale.  He's also recently had bouts of twitching, sometimes severe, which we think we've identified as Pandas caused by undeteced strep and seems to be under control now that he's taking amoxicillan, though the jury's still out on that as well.  All's clear with the neurologist - she found the Pandas but all else normal, did an eeg.  The breathing problem initially started several months ago, athletically induced. More recently it's become more regular and we can't identify a specific cause.  We got a dog recently but can't match it up to his being in proximity to the dog or hair.  Also heartburn may be a cause and zantac was seeming to help, but again not a direct one to one relationship, sometimes he still gets the breathing attacks when he doesn't have heartburn.  Some have suggested anxiety. He's a pretty stress-free kid, and these attacks often occur when he's relaxing or even sleeping.  When he's been checked during or after the attacks his lungs are clear.  It's acute, start abruptly and ends quickly about an hour later.  Sometimes breathing into a paperbag seems to help, not really sure and again not always a direct relationship.  It appears something is tightening in his throat, and we're not sure what causes it or releases it.  He does complain of tightness in his chest when this is happening but again the doctor is convinced it's the throat tightening. Ideas?
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