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What Is a Good Physical Examination on a Child?

Posted Jul 27 2012 7:43pm

I took my grandson a few years ago to a pediatrican who previously had seemed to do a good routine physical examination. However, at this visit my grandson was out of the examining room in about 12 minutes. I asked him if the doctor had done a good examination and he said, "I don't know what that would be.""Well", I said, "did the doctor have you undress down to your shorts?"  The answer was "No, she just had me take off my shirt." Not only did the doctor obviously do an inadequate examination, but she also gave my grandson an immunization without asking my permission. My son didn't realize this until he got the bill. That, of, course is illegal. Any parent or grandparent should always be asked for permission before an immunizaton is given.

The other day I was examining a little boy becasue the family were concerned that at age three he screamed a lot, gets easily frustrated, and said just a few single words. When I asked if the child had had a hearing test in a pediatric hearing center the answer was "No". Then when I asked about routine things such as a yearly urinalysis and tuberculin test, the answer was again "No."  I knew the mother was enrolled in an HMO and afterwards wondered if the examination had been done by a nurse practitioner. I know this particular HMO lets nurse practitioners see children without supervision by a doctor.

Every child should have a yearly complete physical examination which should include an eye test, routine hearing test, urinalysis, and TB test. Further tests should be done by specialists if there is any question.

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