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What information can you give me on staph infections in children?

Posted by nwalters12

My 3 yr old daughter had a boil on her butt a few weeks ago.  I took her to the doc and he gave her an antibiotic.  the boil cleared up and now she has 2 more.  i took her to the doc again and they said that she has a staph infection.  they gave her oral and topical antibiotics.  i am freaking out b/c i went on the internet and read all that i could about staph infections.  my worry is my husband had a staph infection and it took him awhile to get rid of it.  it was finally gone about 1 month ago.  i don't know if she got it from him or if i should worry that this is mrsa or if something is wrong with her immune system.  i am really afraid and not sure what i should/shouldn't be doing.  she has a boil on her butt and one in between her leg and vagina.  they are very painful for her and getting bigger.  i just don't know if i should be pushing the doctors to do something else or run some tests or just see what happens with these antibiotics.  i also don't want this to spread to anyone else in the house.  what should i do?
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I understand what you are going through 2 yr old daughter is also experiance this.  About a month ago, she had a boil on her stomach around her waist line.  We took her in, they too a sample of the puss and sent it to the lab.  The lab report allowed us to know what antibotics the staph infection was resistant to.  This boil required two trips to the Dr. office where they lanced it and drained the puss out.  Now, about a month later, she has two more.  A very small one on her inner thigh, and another one on her waist.  The one on her waist is very painful.  She is again on oral and topical antibotics.  We are also having to give her a bath ever night, which is irritating her ecima.  Oh, yeah, we are putting the topical antibotic in her nose with a q-tip, to try to kill the staph.

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