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What Happened To Her Eyes?

Posted Dec 01 2010 6:09pm
I've lost track of how many times people have asked me this question, "What Happened to Her Eyes?". Many times it's children who haven't learned to censor what they're thinking before it comes out their mouth. Adults inquire but in a less direct way, usually saying "Ahh, what a sleepy girl."  Either way it stings to know that the first thing people see is the difference of her eyes, even before they notice the trach. Because she isn't verbal I really don't know how much these comments affect her.  Sometimes I simply say "That's the way she was born." Although that's not the entire story.

In the past I've blogged a bit about Ainsley's eyes  but I thought today I'd actually show you. As time has gone on I've become much more open about the things we've gone through, both the good and the bad because I hope that Ainsley's blog helps others: either because they are going through something similar or because people are inspired by all she's been through, her strength and spirit.   Perhaps sharing these photos will make it more clear why her eyes are the way they are. I'll have to warn you they are graphic.

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