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What Does Pediatric Occupational Therapy Involve?

Posted May 12 2012 12:34pm
Pediatric occupational therapy is not merely a job but it is more of a vocation than anything else. One cannot just get into this kind of work without the love and compassion for kids. This job would require a person to take care of the young and make sure that the child will live a normal life just like he used to have. This job has many advantages and this may be the reason why many people are interested to get into this kind of work.

The opportunity to help kids and give them a spark of hope that one day all will be well through proper physical rehabilitation makes this job very spectacular. The main responsibility of a pediatric occupational therapist is to ensure that the child is appropriately assisted so that he will be independent enough to take care of himself or at least to perform day to day simple activities like taking a bath, eating, dressing himself, writing etc.

A child who has physical impairment is required to see a licensed pediatric occupational therapist to treat his injury that is causing his impairment or disabilities. In our country it is not uncommon to see kids who cannot act normally because of certain health conditions like spinal cord injury due to car crash, sports related accidents, falling etc. Cerebral palsy is another reason why kids need an OT as well as certain genetic disorders that have been inherited from the kid's parents. When it comes to pediatric occupational therapy there is no such thing as "one size fits all" it simply means that one child's treatment might not work for another child different case. Each child has to have his own tailored treatment program to address his problem.

A pediatric occupational therapist is not only confined to work in hospitals but also in rehabilitation centers in local communities. The good thing about getting into this kind of job is that one can work according to his preference; he can choose to work full time, part time or perhaps in a temporary basis. Based on the company' discretion, one can enjoy the benefits of working as a permanent worker or on contractual basis.

If you are planning to work in this field you should keep in mind that the responsibility of this job is very serious. The life of a child is on your hands, it is not like any other job that would require only for a person to sit behind the desk but it requires a person to do his job well so that the patient will regain his health. The pediatric OT is responsible for evaluating the child's condition to determine the health condition of the child and its severity. Once done he will then create a pattern for treatment program to address the disorder of the patient. One requirement for a person to work is a license that would serve as evidence that you are knowledgeable in this field. The responsibility of this job may be heavy but the benefits are also endless.

If a career as an occupational therapy assistant seems like something you could be interested in you can search for occupational therapy assistant schools right now by clicking the featured links to our free online Occupational Therapy Guide.

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Troy Duffed is a licensed pediatrician by preference who works with and being around with kids in Malverne Center for Play and Development.  He conducts speech therapy language activities, physical therapy, pediatric occupational therapy and occupational therapist with children or any related therapies as long as it concern to children.
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