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What Causes Childhood Obesity? – Part 27

Posted Jul 06 2012 9:03am

As many of my regular viewers to this web blog know, there are many factors contributing to childhood obesity. I post daily here about it, whether news print articles, opinions, feedback, or just personal opinion.

Recently, I wrote an article for Yahoo! ( click here ) about childhood obesity. I started searching for sources for this article, and received over 100 responses to the question, “What do you think caused the rise in childhood obesity?” Responses came from professional and Olympic athletes, fitness experts, health experts, nutritionist, and parents.

I was unable to use everyone’s feedback, but thought it would be great to post some of their responses on my blog in a new web series, “What Causes Childhood Obesity.” I hope that you enjoy the opinions here from various individuals. Please remember, my including their posts does not necessarily mean I agree or endorse their opinion, rather, a place to share other people’s thoughts.

Keeping Kids Fit

Opinion: Philip B. Obsharsky

In an acronym, the reason for the rise in childhood obesity is “FLAM (rhymes with scam and is the last syllable in flimflam; it stands for Farming: ‘Active, Lateral, Mushroom,’ as opposed to ‘Passive Longitudinal Mushroom Farming,’ the natural way humans are born, grow and expire).”

The FLAM phenomenon keeps needed knowledge from reaching the people that could use it to help themselves with it, because when people can’t help themselves, they have to go to someone for help and that someone can, or suffer. The person that they go to for help can get worked by the FLAMIST (~ Individual Support Technologist) involved to conduit resources, usu. money through. An excellent example of FLAM, which I am labeling, “The GAME (Great American Mushroom Exploitation),” is depicted via the highly informative, “Marketing of Madness,” that the Citizen’s Commission on Human Rights just came out with, which is free, if you order your copy of it from CCHR on line. (This action is highly recommended.)

What would resolve childhood obesity greatly is the competent employment of the MNMS (Metered Nutritional Mineral Supplementations; pronounced like “M&Ms”) of either Manually Made Wonder Food (mixing powdered mineral supplements into the foods that the subjects consume to meter those usually missing vital substances’ arrival at the body’s digestive tract’s uptake ports, to maximally load them without jamming up the body’s intake apparatus), or MHO (Minerals Held Orally; better than Wonder Food, because if vitamin D is added to the blend, which it should, because it co-acts with calcium, the teeth will become remineralized and thus rendered as durable as possible, besides forming a natural time release system, carbureting the mineral substances involved into the body to further accomplish their purposes. Plus MHO can be accomplished during the subjects’ sleep cycle!)

BTW, minerals are the way electricity comes packaged for the physical body’s use. The more minerals, the more bioelectric power the body has to do what it is supposed to do, up to a point, which is reached naturally. If the body doesn’t need the minerals that it is being given it simply sloughs them off, up to a point also. The process is a simple, though very effective one for replenishing physical bodies’ bioelectric power. Try it, yourself, or on your pet. Ask your vet about vitamin D for pets though. I don’t want to incorrectly advise you. I hope that this activity helps you.

Philip B. Obsharsky , Independent Researcher/Developer, Writer/Author.

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