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What can cause a 2 year old to have problems regulating her body temperature?

Posted by hnormand

My 2 year old daughter has problems regulating her body temperature.  She runs a low grade fever (above 100.4 rectally) after a little physical activity.  Her fever shoots up fast and high when she is sick (she has already had 2 febrile seizures).  And her temperature drops really low at night while sleeping (94.2 is the lowest I have caught it).  The only way to keep her temp normal at night is to really bundle her up.  What could possibly be causing this?  Pediatrician thinks she will outgrow this eventually.  I am just afraid we might be missing something serious.


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Have you had any response to your question? My 2 year old grandson has this same issue.
I haven't had any responses yet.  Was really hoping someone on this board would have some insight.  Our pediatrician has admitted that it is very unusual - he has not had any case just like ours (he has consulted with a nuerologist and an internist and we had an EEG done to look at her brain function and that came back normal).  He thinks that she just has an immature temperature regulation system and that she will outgrow it, since she seems to be developing as a normal, healthy child in every other way.  However, it is very frightening when your child has temperatures so low they are in the hypothermia range.  And it is hard being on pins and needles worrying that her temp will shoot up again and she'll have another febrile seizure.  I just don't want to be blindsided by something more serious later if we can deal with or prevent it now.  What does your grandson's pediatrician say?
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