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Weight gain or weight loss?

Posted Aug 25 2009 7:34pm

Yesterday the health visitor stopped by. Apart from wanting to have a general chat about Alina, she had also brought her scales to weigh our little puppet. When we officially discharged from the hospital last Saturday, Alina's weight had jumped from 2.685kg to 3.0kg, a massive gain over 2 days. When she was weighted yesterday, her weight was 2.780. You can imagine that the number left me perplexed and depressed.

Since coming home, Alina has been very settled and happy overall. She breastfeeds and we also top her up with the bottle. She usually cries when she is hungry, but it hasn't happened since we got into our new bottle routine. So I cannot understand how, after having gained 315 g in 2 days she lost 220g in 3 days.

The health visitor thinks that maybe the 3.0kg on Saturday was a mistake. She would've expected her to gain 100g over 1 week. In hindsight, thinking about it, Alina has never gained 100g in 1 day. We were always talking about 30-50g, so the extra 315g seem a little bit unreal. But of course, at the time we didn't query it at all...we were just so thrilled to be discharged.

We set a new feeding plan with a view of weighing our little one again tomorrow. The plan is to alternate between breastfeeding and bottlefeeding. Well, I can tell you already, it's not working. I still have to top her up as she is hungry. So, I decided today to go with my gut feeling and stick to what we have been doing so far. I just hope that tomorrow will bring good news and that everything has been a big mistake.

But if anyone has any suggestions or experience with weight gain/loss in CDH babies, please do let me know. I am already stressing out about it and poor Alex, he has to put up with it all :0(

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