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Weekend Update

Posted Jun 29 2008 12:00am
Gavin has finished his chemotherapy and was discharged from the hospital today. He tolerated this chemo the best of any rounds to date. Of course, it was also the least amount of drugs to date as well. His Cisplatin was cut in half and many of the other drugs he has been getting were deleted from this round because of the radiation. Gavin only got sick twice, which is amazinly low for him. There is still the delayed effect that Cisplatin can bring with it, so we're not in the clear. We'll keep him on increased anti-nausea medicine until Thursday or so.

Gavin's ophthalmologist came by to see him when he was inpatient, just to take another peek at the nerves in his eyes. She said she was about 85% sure she had a good look the other day, but he was tired. Well, the news has changed for the worst. He does have nerve damage, sixth nerve palsy. The glasses might help, but you can't do surgery on nerves. If the glasses don't help, this will be a permanent problem. We plan to investigate this further in the coming days. He should get his new glasses in sometime this week.

Gavin's eating better with each passing day, but is far from meeting his daily nutritional needs on his own orally. We're hoping to start decreasing the amount of TPN that he's requiring through his port sometime later this week. He'll also be started on an appetite stimulant that we hope will get him eating more. Oh, to not have him hooked up to that TPN 24 hours a day. That would be a real treat for all of us!

Garrett and I made a super quick trip up to Tulsa for my Grandmother's funeral over the weekend. It was his first trip on an airplane and he did fantastic, with the exception to right before we boarded the plane on the way back. My apologies to anyone that was near gate 59 in the Tulsa International Airport at that time. He was inconsolable for a bit. I could feel the glares as everyone was looking at me as if to say, "Oh, this is going to be a fun flight!" (That makes a mother's stress level 100 times worse, by the way!) He fell asleep upon takeoff and woke up when we landed, so that helped me tremendously. As for the trip itself, I was so happy I was able to go. I couldn't imagine missing her service, as I loved my grandma dearly. It was beautiful and I know she is right where she's always wanted to be. Many thanks to Jeff for covering the inpatient stay alone so that I could go to Tulsa.

Specific Prayer Requests- No nausea and vomiting with Cisplatin's delayed effect
- Continued good tolerance of radiation, with minimal short and long-term side effects
- Increased appetite so we can lose the TPN altogether in the near future
- Healing for the whole family with this lovely ilness we've shared with one another (although viruses just aren't as big of a deal to us these days -- imagine that!!!!)
- As always, NO MORE CANCER!!

Much love,

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