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Vitamin D drops, new warning for babies

Posted Jun 15 2010 10:53am 1 Comment

ddropsbaby_mainpage_ad1How much Vitamin D does your baby need? And, are you sure you are dosing it correctly? This is the new warning coming from the FDA today. Some highly concentrated Vitamin D drops make it easy to over-dose your baby.

So what’s up with Vitamin D anyway? Vitamin D is essential for proper bone growth as well as for a variety of other body functions. And, most Americans aren’t getting enough of it. Sunshine acts as a catalyst to help our bodies manufacture Vitamin D. But since we cover ourselves in sunblock to avoid skin damage and skin cancer (the right answer, by the way), most of us are Vitamin D deficient. The main dietary source of Vitamin D is fortified milk. And, we need to drink at least 4 cups a day to get our daily dose of Vitamin D.

Babies under a year of age get their Vitamin D from either mom’s breast milk or from infant formula. Since many moms are Vitamin D deficient, so is their breast milk. And, even formula fed babies need to drink at least 32 oz of formula a day to get their recommended daily requirement of Vitamin D (and most babies won’t drink that much until at least three months of age). Hence the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that ALL newborns take a daily Vitamin D supplement of 400 IU (international units) per day.

Products like D-Vi-Sol or Tri-Vi-Sol have 400 IU in 1 ml (1 dropperful that comes with the product).

Other vitamin products are highly concentrated and contain 400 IU in just one DROP. The bonus: it’s easy to get a newborn to take that tiny volume of liquid. The drawback: it’s easy to give too much!

So, while we highly recommend Vitamin D supplements to you and your baby, please make sure of how the medication should be dosed and that you administer it properly.

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Thanks for posting this informative article. 

As you mention, Baby Ddrops is a brand that provides the full 400 IU Vitamin D3 in 1 single drop.  If parents administer according to the dosing instructions, they do have control over how many drops they give to their infant:

  • "Put one drop onto mother’s nipple or a pacifier and allow baby to suck for half a minute."
  • "Ddrops™ products, including Baby Ddrops™ are designed to be dropped onto a clean surface, then licked off the clean surface rather than dropped directly into the baby’s mouth. This allows the eurodropper to not come in contact with the baby (keeping it free of contamination). This method also allows easy monitoring of the number of drops dispensed from the dropper prior to the baby taking in the product."
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