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Ups and downs….

Posted Jul 16 2007 12:00am

I guess there both part of life, but lately, things have seemed more leaning towards the down side than up….

This next week seems to be packed full of more ups and downs then…im not srue when. Monday & Tuesday, both memorial services, My friend who died this past week, is having a 2 day memorial service, as if one isnt enough, theres TWO to attend.

Wednesday, nothing really……atleast NOT yet, Thursday, is Mollys surgery date, so I guess wednesday will be taken care of with the leading up to the day sort of stress and freak out sort of things. It seems really, to soon to be going in for this, I know, ive had over a month to ‘prepare’ but the days before, just seem like…wow. Shouldnt be happening, not again, is the only things that keeps going around and around. I hope, somehow, this time, It turns out differently. I hope, that someway, somehow….things go ok, for her. I guess, by ok, I mean, well…..if shed be better off…not here, well…lets not go there, I just hope she goes ok, I hope things go ok, but…nevermind.

Speaking of Molly, Shes sick today. Started last night, she spiked a fever, and didnt get much sleep, making for another long night/day. I got her bed put togehter FINNALY today. Shes up in the air by like….3 feet now, she thinks its pretty cool, except for the fact she cant quite exactly climb up there by herself, bad thinking on my part. But she hasnt been feeling that great today, so she hasnt done much damage in the getting in and out of bed thing yet. Shes spent a majority of her time today, on the couch watching dumbo. you know, the flying elephant? did you know the still HAVE that movie? I didnt, I havent seen it for a VERY LONG TIME, still cant quite understand the whole thing.

Anyways, apart from sick kid, crazy fucked up week coming up, I guess nothin much is really going on here, pretty normal I suppose…….

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