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Update on Syafiah

Posted Jan 12 2011 12:00am
Lama tak update kan. Hari ni cukup 66 hari. Berapa hari dah tu. Merajuk ke? Tak de la. Saya memang malas nak menaip panjang-panjang ni.

A quick update on Syafiah:

There's one thing happened to her last week, specifically on Thursday morning. Something which never happened before. It looks like a mild seizure and happened only once. My husband brought her down to bathe early in the morning. This was his routine within last week. Not long after my husband went to work, while consuming her milk, her body became stiff and her eyes seemed to be twitching involuntarily. It last for few seconds, then it stopped and she dozed off.
Knowing that it could be a sign of seizure, we brought her to her neurologist the next morning. He claimed that she might be exhausted or her shunt is working under level (suboptimal). He asked us to go back and monitor her for a week, and then go back to him. She was indeed exhausted with less sleep, more time playing and exercising. Next neuro appointment ~ 18th January 2011. Just to report on the progress. Or else she'd be admitted in the hospital.
A friend said she might be shocked because of the new routine. So, we tried not to bathe her as usual. Seems like it's working until today. Perhaps, her sleep was disturbed and her mind wasn't ready to wake up, wallahu'alam. Sometimes it's like I want to dig to know what happened inside her brain.

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