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Unexplained pain in ball of left foot.

Posted by patlynn

11 year old  boy complained about soreness on the sole of his left foot the other night. The next morning he stepped out of bed but could not put his foot to the floor. He was in agony. I noticed a rash on his ankle. Brought him to Doc who asked about dry patches on his knees and elbows. They have always been there and have rarely caused itchiness etc. Explained that the ankle rash was new. Doc diagnosed psoriasis and thought there was a slim chance that the pain in foot and rash were connected. Referred to hospital for x-ray. Nothing broken no swelling, bloods clear. Orthopaedic doc asked about trauma to foot, jumping from heights, son said no.
Have to bring him to clinic next week. Now there is another rash on right ankle, no pain in right foot though, did glass test - clear. No fever, sickness etc. Wondering am I  missing something? Left foot not too bad, pain comes in "swings" (as son says) on Nurofen 3TD.
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