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Undetected Emotional or Mental Problems Can Result in Violence

Posted Jul 21 2012 7:48pm

Because few doctors these days have the training, the interest, or take the time to identify emotional or mental problems in kids and young people and due to the NRA guns are so readily available, we have a major problem in this country. How tragic it is that a young person can't  go to a movie now for fear of having someone open fire armed with multiple weapons.  Not only do we need better training for physicians, school personnel, and school psychologists, but our representatives in Congress must have the courage to stand up to the NRA. With all the computer skills that we have in the U.S. there has to be a way to identify an individual who is buying multiple weapons and many rounds of ammunition. Why can't we have a central registry of what has been purchased and have laws that limit the amount of ammunition that can be purchased?

James Holmes was a tragedy waiting to happen. First, being identified by friends as a "loner", dropping out of a Ph.D program, and his mother immediately knowing  he was the shooter; the parents should have done more. There are laws that allow a parent to have a 24 hour hold put on a child if they feel there is a threat of violence. This was clearly stated after Gabby Gifford was shot in Tucson. We now have had twenty-seven mass shootings since Columbine. What must the rest of the civilized world think of us? Yes, many in other countries view Americans as savages and still think of the the U.S. as the wild, wild west. Parents may have to be the ones to insist their legislators do something to stop this violence, but to do so these men and women must have the courage to stand up to the NRA.

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