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Understanding the cat scratch fever

Posted Nov 10 2010 6:26am
The cat scratch fever is something that not many people are familiar with and if you are also someone who doesn’t really know too much in regards to it, then you should know that the bacteria responsible for the disease is called Bartonella. One of the any ways that you could get it is by getting bitten by a cat that is carrying the disease. Some saliva of an infected cat that will get to come in contact with an open wound on your body will definitely be the perfect scenario for getting infected.

So, if you have been bitten by a cat lately and you will want to see if you have the bacteria or not, then just look for a bump or a blister in the bitten area. In just a few weeks after you will have been bitten by the infected cat, your lymph nodes will swell and soon you will experience what is known as lymphadenopathy. These are just a few signs that will let you in ion the fact that you have been infected with the Bartonella bacteria and if you acknowledge them, then you should look fro medical help as soon as possible.

Another symptom that is associated with the Bartonella bacteria or cat scratch fever is the feeling of fatigue. You will experience a lot of headaches and you will feel a total discomfort with your body. In some cases, the ones who were infected have also gotten to suffer from fever, but these are just isolated cases.

cat scratch fever

Other cat scratch fever symptoms for people who are dealing with the disease are the evolution of the lymph nodes, resulting into a break in the patient’s skin. In this case, the chances that your spleen will increase in size are also very high. Weight loss, a soar throat and anorexia will also be experienced by the individual.

If you will be experiencing these symptoms of some person that you know, then you should look for medical help as soon as possible and contacting your physician in this case, is the best option you will have. You can easily find out if you have an enlarged spleen or not by taking an ultrasound examination.

In order to detect if you are carrying the virus, the Bartonella henselae IFA is your best bet. Also, you should not worry about anything, as in most cases your immune system will cope successfully with the disease.
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