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Treatment of Bladder and Kidney Infections

Posted Jun 22 2010 6:57am

Over the years I have heard many accounts of individuals, particularly women, having  difficulty getting adequate treatment for kidney and bladder infections. Women in particular have more problems because of the possiblity of contamination from stool and sexual intercourse. This last week I was talking with the husband of a women who had such a severe bladder infection that she had to be admitted to a hospital. She became so upset by the medical treatment she received in the hospital that she had to be discharged with medication for anxiety, The doctors and nurses seemed much more interested in her diabetes than her urinary problems. Although her diabetes had been under control for many years, the doctors kept ordering blood sugars and other tests, but paid little attention to her bladder infection.

The woman was discharged on the antibiotic, Cipro, and told that it would take several weeks for her infection to clear. No information was given about a repeat urine culture, a follow-up visit with a urologist, or any other follow-up information. Since the bladder infection  was apparently not responding to Cipro I suyggested that she needed another urine culture and a change in antibiotics. She also needed to see a urologist for follow-up.

How sad that anyone should be so upset by the care they receive in a hospital that they have to be put on anxiety medicine. The husband said. "I guess these days no one should go to the hospital without an advocate." I agreed and said that one of the reasons I wrote 101 Ways To The Best Medical Care was to help people learn how to get adequate medical care and how to find an advocate. I have several good Web sites listed for advocates in the many pages of resources in the back of the book.

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