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Treating Children and Teens for Lower Back Pain: A Study

Posted Oct 14 2008 8:07pm 2 Comments

 A new study released by Spine on September 29 by Dr. Laurie Barclay and Dr. Desiree Lie compared the effects of a self exercise program for low back pain in children and adolescents . This study found that lower back pain improved with treatment.

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Who would have thought that participating in contact sports or riding a roller coaster could cause whiplash! I had always thought you could only get whiplash if you met with a car accident. If your kids are big into all kinds of adventure sports or love to engage in games where there is a lot of ‘rough and tumble” or a lot of high contact, it is important to take heed of upper back pain, headaches or neck pain that extends more than just a couple of days.  Ignoring these complaints with a casual shrug of “aches and pains are part of growing up” could have serious consequences in later years. While these complaints are to be expected of active kids, if the pain escalates or seem to be prolonged or recurrent, it is best to go see your doctor and get an X-Ray done to preclude any serious injury to the spine.

Juanita Swindell

Hi Juanita, thanks for your comment. When a child complains of neck pain, headaches or upper back pain- it should always be taken seriously. Children's bodies are def more malleable- they can take a whiplash during a roller coaster ride and be fine after a few hours.  Regardless, taking more precautions with high contact sports and riding roller coasters is always a good idea.

- NJ

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