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Too Much Couch Time Severely Affects Your Kid’s Health

Posted Aug 15 2012 9:48pm

From Mashable…..

Researchers found that children ages 9-10 who spend 75% of their time engaging in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or using a computer, are up to nine times more likely to exhibit poor motor coordination than more active children in the same age range.

The study also concluded that sedentary activity levels are an independent predictor of poor motor coordination in skills such as balance and jumping. In other words, it doesn’t matter if a kid plays in Little League, or if the only exercise he gets is walking home from school, he or she will still have subpar motor coordination if too much time is spent on the couch.

Published in American Journal of Human Biology, the Portuguese study used accelerometers to measure the sedentary and physical activity levels of 110 girls and 103 boys from urban elementary schools. These measurements were then compared to the results of a motor coordination test known as the Körperkoordination Test für Kinder.

Boys who spent a majority of their time on sedentary activities were shown to have worse motor coordination skills than comparable girls. Girls who spent 77.3% of their time on sedentary behaviors were four to five times more likely to exhibit lower-than-average motor coordination. Boys who were sedentary more than 76% of the time were five to nine times more likely to exhibit lower motor coordination.

To read the full story….. Click here

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