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toddler's deep long lasting cough

Posted by Flow

My toddler twins have started day care in the begginin of August. They didnt catch "a cold a week" like i was told they would but they have had this one cough for a very long time. It started with runny nose and then just a big cold that  lasted over 2 weeks. Now even when all cold sysmptoms were gone they would still cough, my boy is better one day and the next worst and the same with my girl, they seem to alternate. However,t he cough and runny nose are still here and its been over a month. i wanna add they never had fever for the whole duration of this little disease or i would have taken them to a doctor without hesitation.

I wonder what i could give them to, first get that gone to be leave for good, and second something that would generally help the kids' immune system and make them strong for winter.

Should i see someone? what should i buy?

i give thanks for any help!

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