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Toddler is limping and has foot pain after getting out of car seat

Posted by Olivia C.

My son is two and I noticed that after he gets out of the car, he's limping and dragging his right foot. Last Friday it got to the point to where he started crying while he was in his car seat. I've been letting him sit in the regular seat with a seltbelt over him. He's not crying, but when I get him out of the car he's still limping. And it will last 20 minutes and then he's running and playing again. I took him to the doctor, got X-rays done, and everything came back normal. The doctor says that maybe he's just putting too much pressure on his right leg, but I know it's more than that. Please help!! I'm not sure what to do.
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Im so glad I came upon this, my son is the same age and has the same problem, it happens when he gets out of his car seat or even when he is just sitting in his seat for a while. I have made an appt. with his ped. but i would really be interested if you have found out any more information thanks!
Has there been any updates?  What carseat do you use?  We use a Safety First Air protect and have been seeing him limp after he gets out of it for awhile and then he gets better.  He is 16 months old.  
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