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Toddler is clutching his stomach, under his left rib cage and suddenly not wanting to go to sleep. Is he sick?

Posted by Susan W.

My 19 month old has been clutching his stomach, under the left rib cage, for over a week.  We took him to the doctor's and they can't seem to be find anything wrong with him.  I am very concerned still.  This doens't seem normal to me.  Also he is screaming when we put him down for a nap or bedtime.  He started waking up frequently as well.  He used to go to sleep so well.  Literally, overnight, he started having problems.  This happened at the same time.  Occasionally he has bad breath in the night so we ahve thought about reflux, but I think if he had that he would have thrown up after 3 hours of screaming.  I am very worried.  This not sleeping on his own and needing to have us in the room with him as well as his stomach clutching is very abnormal behaviors He generally seems fine during the day when he is up though.  We have all lost so much sleep.  Please help! 
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