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Today Was One Of Those Days

Posted Jan 07 2010 12:00am

Where I couldn't get enough of my little guy.  He's finally starting to come out of his shell, and give his Momma some love back.  He smiles real big when I kiss his cheeks now which just makes me want to do it all day long. He loves to look at my face and try to grab my nose which is adorable during the day, but can get a little annoying when you are trying to cuddle with him at 3:30 in the morning and all you feel are tiny punches on your cheek.  I love every minute of it though! This morning he decided that he didn't need Oxygen anymore, and took his mask off.

For the record, these pics were taken in the morning and before bedtime when he didn't have his hearing aid on.  I've been very good about keeping it on him all day.  Carter also got to spend some guy time with Uncle Marty on New Years Eve.  Every time Uncle Mar would tug on his little foot, Carter would chuckle.  It was the cutest thing ever!

Carter did a VERY exciting thing yesterday when he very purposefully hit his monkey toy.  It was so funny because when he hit it, his long finger kind of got wrapped onto it's tail so he got a surprised look on his face like "whoa, look what I did".  He then shook it for a few seconds and let go.  It's amazing to me how something so simple could make me so happy.  The Physical Therapist came today and said that Carter is definitely getting a lot stronger through his trunk.  We even graduated to the next step with some new exercises. Hooray!

I'll be going on with my story next time, but had to throw in some current info on what our little guy has been up to.
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