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'Tis The Season: First Picture With Santa

Posted Nov 21 2010 8:43pm
Yes, you read that correctly. Austin has never met Santa in person before. If you recall, we do Holiday photo shoots at home.

But knowing that Santa season is coming, I have been subtly trying to prepare Austin for this moment for the past month and it paid off.

About a month ago I put a picture of Santa Claus on the fridge that I ripped out of a seasonal catalog. And every chance we get we have been practicing saying 'HO, HO, HO! Merry Christmas!'

It's one of the phrases that Austin was able to say last year that he seems to have gotten "lost".

Luckily, "H" is one of the sounds that has really improved since his jaw surgery. He can say "HI" or "Hew-wo" very clearly.

On Sunday we went to a local craft show and much to my surprise.

No line. No meltdown. No hesitation. No problem.

Bring on the jolly guy.

Santa and Mrs Claus TSA patdown for Mrs Claus

Austin climbed right into Mrs.Claus' lap and promptly gave her a TSA patdown.

I'm so proud.

Once that was done he focused on Santa's beard for a few minutes and they had a nice chat about The Beast. (Beast was 'toy of the day.')

Santa and Mrs Claus with toddler

It was an awesomely calm moment filled with smiles and candy canes.

The Christmas Card Shot

And then he reached out and grabbed Santa's hand! As if to say "Nice to meet you Jolly man. See you again next year."

Toddler holding Santa's hand

YES!! This is why I carry my camera in my purse.

I wasn't planning a picture with Santa so we were woefully unprepared in the holiday outfit department. Sorry.

In addition to Santa we also watched a fantastic group of Carolers AND decorated a cookie.

After the cookie we made a beeline for the car as "someone" was in sensory overload and in need of a nap.

It was a good hour.

Thanks for peeking,

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