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Tips to help a child cope with bullying

Posted by Kristen D.

I was bullied quite a bit in my elementary, middle and even early high school years, and as someone who just wanted to make everyone happy and feel accepted, it was tough to deal with. To this day, I blame my anxiety issues partly on how I was treated, and I have no doubt that I am right about it. (And trust me, if I don¹t know if I¹m right, I won¹t say I am.)

When I saw this CNN article,

I had to post it. It has some tips for families on helping children cope with bullying. The most important, I think, is to ask for help from a teacher or school administrator, who have experience in handling such situations.

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we needed tips not a life story....

i think children   should always tell someone were they are going just to keep on the safe side of things

try not to be by yourself because usually if your with some friends bullies tend to stay away

dont bottle things up tell someone if your being bullied, and never react violently to the bully no matter how tempting it may be ..... you will only get yourself into trouble

what ever they are putting you down for just keep thinking to yourself the positive things like im not what they say i am im better than them

and remind yourself of how bad they look when they are bullying others and that its not worth getting upset over people like that!!


I think you should talk about the incidents happening with her in detail. If something looks serious then explain her about the racism for what you are suspecting, and tell her to avoid getting in such things. But even after this the condition doesn't comes under control you should contact you should contact an Anti-Bullying Organisation or such organisation which helps in the racism issue. They will deifinitely helpful for you.
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