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Tips for thickening loose stools

Posted Aug 27 2009 11:30pm
As everyone knows,Dylan has struggled with having loose stools. We are trying different things with the "trial and error" attitude. At this point we have nothing to lose, and hopefully will find something that works. So far we have tried things such as Benefiber and Pectin. Here is some tips that we have learned through doctors and hirschsprungs support groups. Hope someone finds this information helpful.

*High fiber diet
*Constipating Diet
*Probiotics (see link on the left)

Dylans doctor has also recommended that we try immodium in hopes of slowing down his motility. We have not yet tried this. High fiber diets seem to have the opposite affect on Dylan as well, instead of thickening up the stool he gets worse diareaha. We have yet to try the probiotics but that is something I have been doing some research on, my concern is finding one that I can crush and mix with food or a drink. I did purchase a cheap brand at the local drug store and realized after I got home that the box said "do not crush". Benefiber is suppose to help regulate the bowels. Alot of people use this when they are irregular. Its most commonly used for constipation but was recommended to us because its suppose to regulate bowel movements, it is basically an extra source of fiber. We recently tried pectin, fruit pectin is used to make jar jams thicken up. There are flavored kinds with sugar added and flavorless with no sugar, but a fair warning this stuff is bitter which is why we had no success, and it also thickened up Dylans drink no sooner than i mixed was the consistancy of pudding which of course would be hard to convince a child to drink. As we try more things I will report back with the results, as of now we are leaning more toward trying the probiotics because alot of parents with HD children or children with bowel problems in general use these and say it makes a world of difference.

Good luck to the rest of the parents out there sharing our same journey, it takes patience and understanding and a whole lot of failed experiments with different stuff, but sooner or later we will figure this out!
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