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Tips for Caring for Children's Feet

Posted Jun 29 2012 12:00am

The saying it take a village to raise a child may be true.  We are here to help you care for you child's feet and set a good example.  Prevention is very important when it come to the health of your chil, and this includes feet! Check out these ten tips for caring for feet.
  1. Look carefully at your newborn's feet. Lookout for abnormalites and make sure they get checked out and treated before they become a serious problem.
  2. Lightly cover your baby's feet Allowing your baby to kick and move around encourage muscle development in the feet. Tight covers could slow development.
  3. Let your toddler go shoeless Going barefoot indoors is healthy especially as a child begins to walk
  4. Watch for lingering toe-walking Walking solely on the toes after age 2 could be a sign of more serious problems.
  5. Cut toenails straight across This helps avoid ingrown toenails.
  6. Keep feet clean and dry Clean, dry feet will help prevent infections.
  7. Buy shoes that fit well Kids feet should be every time shoes are purchased because they grow so quickly.
  8. Prevention Don't allow your child to walk barefoot outdoors or in areas where sharp objects may be on the floor. This will prevent foreign objects from entering your child's foot and causing pain and injury.
  9. Cover Cuts Wash and cover cuts until they have healed.
  10. Set a Good Example Take good care of your feet anreyou child should learn by example.
If you notice any abnormalites in you child's feet, be sure to schedule and appointment with a podiatrist.
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