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The Wrong Message – Handicapped Parking

Posted Jul 30 2012 9:35pm


The WRONG Message

OK, so today I had to drive a bunch of screaming children to a local store. I was pretty excited, as I got the first spot next to the store, right after the handicapped parking. Another adult took some of the kids in, while I waited in the car with some of the other children.

There were three or four handicapped spots in front, all empty. Shortly, a car pulls up and parks in the first handicapped spot. They had the little handicapped image tag hanging on their rear view mirror. My instincts now are that I feel bad for the person who has to come out, as they are probably living with a disability that has changed their life. But….a young man comes out in gym clothing, and proceeds to hustle into the store. One of the kids in the car says, “that man looks okay to me.” I said, “what do you mean?” The boy noticed how this fully capable person parked in a spot meant for someone who really needs it!

Well, we were not done, as this happened two more times. We were amazed, and I was stumped as to what to tell the children who noticed. I am sure they got the wrong message, but I was comforted knowing they knew there was something wrong here. I just wonder how these people got the handicapped tags in the first place or how they actually feel comfortable parking in these spots when someone who may really need it cannot.

Driving away from the store, one of the kids said, “when I grow up and drive, I will never park in a handicapped spot.” I guess a message was learned, I was very proud.

Any thoughts?

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