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The Republican Lies about the Affordable Health Care Act

Posted Aug 26 2013 11:45am

I am appalled that Republicans like Senator Ted Cruz, who professs to be a Christian, want to deny thirty million people health care. How can anyone who says he or she is a Christian spout the lies I have been hearing? The Health Care Act will do some wonderful things. Having cared for many  children and adults with disabilities over the years, as their physician, I  have had to fight to get medical coverage for them. Often I would spend hours first seeing the patient and then making the necessary telephone calls, dictating letters, and reports.  Little of this time was paid for, so in order to survive we received grants in the Center I founded. Now doctors will be able to care for these  patients and receive payment.  

With the Health Care Act, coverage cannot be denied for pre-esisting conditions. In addition, there can not be caps on the amount of money spent on a patient's medical care. Patients will now  have a way to appeal an insurance claim that is denied, young people can stay on their parents' insurance until age 26, and insurance companies can not cancel a policy, just because the cost of the medical care is so high.

The F.D.A will be allowed to approve more generic drugs which will bring down the cost of many drugs. The drug companies make outrageous sums of money, so this is something that has been long needed. I hope Americans are too smart to be taken in by the Republican lies and will embrace the Health Care Act.


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