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The Republican Backlash Against the Health Care Act and Women

Posted Nov 25 2012 1:49pm

I find it scary and sad that the Republicans are still fighting hard against the Affordable Health Care Act and women. After the election, which clearly showed the majority of Americans were for the Health Care Act and women making their own choices about health care, new bills are being introduced to deprive women of their reproductive rights, Negative ads and articles are also still appearing about the Health Care Act. In Ohio, a bill has just been introduced to ban abortions after six weeks. That makes no sense when many women don't even know they are pregnant  at six weeks.

I picked up a community newspaper last week that is published in a small, extremely rich community and was sad to see a biased article about the Health Care Act. The writer made the statement that doctors were deeply depressed about the new law. Her article was based on a survey of just 13,000  M.D.s and  said many were going to retire or become boutique doctors. I wondered if these doctors were all plastic surgeons or dermatologists, many of whom practice medicine only as a way to make enormous sums of money. I thought about writing a letter to the editor, but in that rich community, I didn't think it would have any impact. The article did not mention that the new law prevents insurance companies from cancelling health insurance or putting a cap on payments to an individual. It also prevents them from denying coverage to someone with a pre-existing conditon or those with a disability. In addition, it helps seniors with their drug costs and keeps kids on their parents' health insurance until age twenty-six. Yes, there are some things that could be changed and probably will be, but the fact that many millions of poor people will be covered by health insurance is itself a great step forward. For this wealthy country to have millions of people without health insurance is embarrassing. We do not have the best health care or the best health care system in the world, but with the new law  we are making a giant step forward.



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