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The poop saga continues.

Posted Jul 27 2010 11:22am
Hi all

Sophie is still not pooping! It's been 14 days since her last large formed poop. Oddly though, Sophie is in no discomfort, and is an absolute pleasure to be around, which raises the strange question. Is she really blocked up?

As Sophie is solely tube fed, in the past when her milk has needed increasing she stops pooping-obviously. However she is gaining weight, infact she's a little on the chubby side at the moment so we are not convinced it is that.

We have had her laxatives increased and there definately appears to be some movement in the form of little skid patches (sorry abit TMI!)and very small rabbit like droppings. As Sophie is pancreatic sufficient, bowel issues are very very new to us.

Anybody pancreatic sufficient out there suffer with constipation like this?

As of today, Sophs laxatives have been increased further in the hope we get a longed for explosion! It wont be pretty but it will be very very welcome.

In other news we see Sophies feeding psychologist on Friday, these appointments are always great and i'm hoping we may begin to discuss the possibility of moving onto the next stage and discuss tube weaning Sophie. This will be a huge step forward as currently Sophie doesn't experience hunger. She doesn't associate that rumbling feeling we all experience when hungry and know that if we indulge ourselves with wonderful food that feeling disappears.
In Sophies world, being hungry causes her upset as she doesn't know how to deal with it. In the past when she had her PEG tube, she has grabbed my hand and pointed to her PEG and then pointed to her milk. This isn't 'normal' but Sophie knows no different.

I hope that we can continue to move forward with Sophie's eating and finally get her to start enjoying food once and for all.

From a chest point of view, Sophie is still very well and we are just waiting to see if her last cough swab is negative. Fingers crossed!! She still continues on her nebbed colomycin and DNAse.

Look after yourselves

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