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Posted Apr 29 2014 6:30pm

As I read about the daily shootings and killings in the U.S., I wish so much that the CEO and board members of the NRA could spend several days and nights in a big city hospital emergency room. If they could see what I saw as a medical student, intern, and resident in ER's, it might make them think twice about wanting every child and adult in the have a gun. I guess they will only be happy when they have turned the entire country into the Wild Wild West.

With the Republican governor of Georgia signing a bill that allows guns to be carried almost everywhere, the NRA is gradually achieving their goal of increasing sales tremendously for the gun manufacturers. I wonder if the people who own gun companies have any  understanding of the number of children and adults being killed daily by their guns? Don't these individuals have families? Do they have children and grandchildren?

When the majority of NRA members favor background checks, why can't we get the law passed? The answer is that until we stand up as mothers, fathers, grandparents, and family members, the legislators will be too afraid of losing their positions in Congress by passing such a law. How sad that they care more about keeping their health benefits, their pensions, and their positions than the children and adults of this nation.


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