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The love of world of warcraft will be still

Posted Jul 10 2013 7:22am
I"ve often marveled at the level of "faith" people still have in Blizzard, even after all of this time ...

They completely did away with the little anniversary pets, but do we still get Cash Shop pets?  You betcha!  

The D3 RMAH is evidence enough of how tone-deaf Blizzard has become to player realities.  Perhaps they'll be more careful with WoW but signs point elsewhere thus far.

I know the old, original team is long, long gone from this game and that all the little cool things they did to make WoW unique kind of disappeared with them, but you'd THINK this newer team would have SOME kind of clue!

Still love the WOW game but it seems like it's devolving into something other than the WOW gold game I love.  

Is it really possible that something like Wildstar will step in to take WoW's glory?  I've been watching that game recently, it seems to offer all of the color and features and cartoony, bitchy fun that has made WoW so fantastic . . . I dunno what I'm saying here other than to observe that it's really just WEIRD that a company like Blizzard (or what's left of it, I guess) can really get so much so wrong, and so quickly ...
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