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The letter p, Flemish paintings and rain with some f'-bombs

Posted Nov 17 2012 5:53pm
The Love Potion - 15th c. Belgium

It's raining in Los Angeles this morning, a soft, gray rain that doesn't stifle the crows squawking outside my back door but relieves the lot of us from the pressures of sunshine. I ripped a page off my tiny desk calendar, a copy of the painting that I posted above. Isn't it weird and fantastic? The man at the door, the curlicues, her shoes -- what's happening here? I have a few new readers on my blog or old readers who've chosen to comment. Welcome! One of them pointed out that she received the same email in her inbox about the drug Perampanel, the one I mused about the other day, wondering why its other name was Fycoma. Well, it turns out that I missed a letter p and that the drug is actually called Fycompa. So much for our wondering who the hell named an epilepsy drug suggesting the deadening of the brain. Here's the thing, though. I looked up compa on the Internets and saw this definition in Urban Dictionary
1. compa: Spanish slang for compadre. Ei compa, get you ass over here.
2. compa: Pocho slang for compadre; pal, chum, dawg. Yo compa, bust out with the yesca... 

Fy in the Urban Dictionary stands for Fuck Yeah! and even Fuck You! 

Fycompa, then, could possibly suggest that after luring you to take it -- get you ass over here! -- there's the very obvious possibility that you will be seizure free -- fuck yeah! -- or fucked over -- fuck you!

New Reader, I stand corrected but ever valiant.

I should have been a drug namer, don't you think?

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