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The Family Dinner Table

Posted Nov 01 2009 12:00am

I can remember growing up in a family of 4 kids and 2 parents that meal time around the kitchen table was a fun event.  We talked and laughed; we told stories of our day and always started the meal with a prayer.  We kids looked forward to spending time with mom and dad together in the evening before homework time and bath time.  Now that I am an adult I often wondered why we had assigned seats around the table.  When company came over for dinner and they would sit in the seat that my daddy sat in, we kids would let them know that seat was reserved for daddy.   

I’m afraid today is different if a family has a meal together.  A lot of families eat on a different schedule and there is no sitting down as a family.  I hate to attend dinner invitations where the kids are present.  Not because of the kids, but because of the parents, throughout the whole meal, are saying to their kids:  “eat that all up” “get your elbows off the table” “don’t do this and don’t do that”.  The whole meal was criticism of the kids eating habits.  What a bummer.   

When I invite families over to my house I always separated the kids from their parents.  Kids would eat on card tables and parents at dining room table. Where has the fun gone with families “breaking bread” together?  It got lost somewhere in our society.  I hope some families are still having fun times around the family dining table.
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