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The emperor and + 7 + 8 hot fire cut the lakers Bryant 25 shots and iron wade 27 points

Posted Jan 19 2013 3:38am
Lebron cut down 39 points, seven rebounds and eight assists and steals, the United States time today at least 31 dwyane wade got 27 points and five assists and steals, Miami's backcourt binary boom falling down the lakers aren't solid line of defense, and he only had seven points 6 rebounds, but the contribution to the amazing and steals, Allen hit the shot had nine points. Kobe Bryant scored 22 points, before and after only three shots in small scored 13 points, Howard got 13 points, 16 Cheap Lebron X rebounds and two free throws moment Boston, artest also has 16 points account, Nash 9 points, 7 assists, and pau gasol fit again squad had 12 points and antawn jamison, who get 12 points, the lakers the rest of the bench players without a point. There are 3 minutes and 27 seconds of the third quarter end antawn jamison, who storm layup inroads, the past 1 minutes even take 5 points, the lakers trailed 63-64 with only 1 minute, can with this entering the fourth quarter, the lakers are not return home is impossible to reverse win, but soon cole attack the basket achievements, Allen made a foul on the free-throw line, kobe Bryant three consecutive shots, percentage fall to 17 throw 3, lebron arranged Miami last 5 points, three points more minutes time neihu ers free throws only pau gasol had two points, into the fourth quarter, they to a 65-73 eight points behind. Small 10 points 29 seconds, just with a 31-year-old wade small stroke successful, the lakers have Howard and world peace, but can't change for scoring nine points behind the embarrassing Cheap Lebron 10 Shoes situation, and who can stand up to save a dangerous situation? Only one answer: kobe Bryant. Large back jumper score, outside a 3-pointer, and he even took five points is the starting point of the lakers rally high horn, CiShiPing two free throws, pau gasol storm inroads, the lakers YongMing armed forces played a wave 9-0, full with seven points 46 seconds, the end of the score has been rewritten to 78 flat. Lebron three shots hit directly, so he immediately retaliate a record three points, this is two people career eighteenth meetings between them, until now is really hit a spark. First 17 meetings, lebron leads a team of 11-6 overwhelmingly negative, even in the game in his personal performance have been pressing the kobe Bryant, dwyane wade and start his dunk waves beat the lakers an 8-3, just in the 24 hours before the 20000 points mark across the lebron feel hot scary. Besides the game for Lebron 10 Elite dwyane wade is also has a special significance, because the United States time on January 17,, 31, is his birthday. To lebron James, dwyane wade start is also continuous dunks, this may is the NBA's best offensive backcourt binary to broke out, the lakers the fragile defence instant collapse, the first quarter Miami always control the game, time section dandong, bold offering out Howard, pau gasol, clark three tenors combination, get surprise effect again - but kobe Bryant today feel cool how terrible for how to no, the third quarter was opponent ditching nine points, until the last minute to find offensive feeling. Small 6 minutes and seconds, wade continue to storm inroads, Bryant followed two shots, Allen and joint lebron pass hit three points and lebron storm managed to Miami find 5 points, kobe Bryant didn't feel? Don't forget the lakers have a league's best pitcher Steve Nash, and his a 3-pointer to help the lakers continue to reduce points difference, the game in the final 3 minutes the lakers trailed 87-90 with only three points. Kobe Bryant hit outside a hand! Wade not resigned to playing second fiddle jumper score! Howard was taken to the free-throw line break two free throws, Nash's strong process layup also have no, Miami seize the opportunity even take four points every victory, and ultimately lay the spurs 99-90. Leaving the lakers two winning streak end, would begin the continuous against the Toronto raptors, bulls, grizzly bear three games even Lebron X For Sale guest, Miami is over difficult six even passenger trip, in the past six games to 3-3 record isn't ugly, then they will return to American airlines arena continuous against the Toronto raptors hottie and piston, they still have the hope to the wave of winning momentum going.The heat and even the last station is Los Angeles, they and the lakers launched a duel focus. Wade in 31 years old birthday contributed a great individual performances, and cut down 27 points, 4 rebounds, 5 assists data, help the heat to a 99-90 defeat the lakers, the critical moment wade offense and defense have played an important role.
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