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The daily correct care glasses

Posted Mar 22 2013 8:18am
Friends all wear glasses, almost always there is the problem: No timing repair glasses, do not pay attention to the care of the glasses, glasses real problems but it was too late. Usual in daily life if they can do some of the following important points, so your glasses will be more durable, and will be more beneficial to your eyes. Tighten the screws: loose screw, please get glasses shops or personally tighten or mirror levy is easily broken or scratched out on the ground. Keep clean: sweat or grease on the skin easy corrosive effect on the metal part of the frame, and daily cleaning glasses, glasses extend the life span helpful. Correctly put off: Most of the glasses is the first base side mirror foot gently fold expansion, If first put off hard from the right, will lead to unbalanced frame itself, skew caused by the use of the right to wear your discomfort. Properly taken wearing: wearing glasses with one hand to take, easy to make the frame deformation. Frames if the variant, should find the local eyeglasses master adjust the angle, do not make their own adjustments, so as not to break the lens, frame damage. Avoid the sun: a long time on the sun exposure to light and heat break down easily fade due to frame. Correct Spectacle: glasses cloth to dry. The lenses do not touch a hard object, do not wipe the lens with your fingers, wipe with a clean lens cloth to reduce lens wear. Stored correctly: the front of the lens does not lead in decentralization. When not in use, as far as possible into the glasses inside the box, if not wearing glasses, with lots cloth eye lots wrapped into the mirror box to avoid damage.
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