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The Big O's I Have a Dream Speech

Posted Jan 17 2013 10:00am
Yosemite, 2012

He's achingly sweet and scythe-sharp and gets from one to the other with breath-taking speed. He was assigned an I Have a Dream speech as part of the celebration of King's life, and while there was a whole lot of grumbling and agony, this is what came out (I should add, here, for new readers, that Oliver despises school and is moderately dyslexic, so he has to work very, very hard, and even then, feeling successful is very elusive)

I Have a Dream

I have a dream never to come back to school. I have a dream never to do my math homework again. I have a dream never to write any DBQ or mini-Q again. I have a dream never to open my orange science book. I have a dream never to fill out my P.E. log.

But I know that this dream will probably not come true.

I have a dream instead to wake up and build a big farm with animals and a river going through it for kids with disabilities and kids that are in wheelchairs and kids that need help. I have a dream that I’ll be the director of this farm so that everything runs smoothly and only kind, thoughtful and hard-working people will work for me at this farm.

And I know this dream will come true.
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