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The Benefit of Karate for Kids

Posted Dec 03 2010 3:29pm

The Benefit Of Karate For Kids

If you're the parent of a child, your biggest fear might be "What will my son do when I'm not there?" or “How will my daughter handle a dangerous situation?” These are likely questions that many parents ponder, but can never truly have an answer to until the moment has passed.

Changing Lives Martial Artsof Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Virginia (CLMA), we help parents and children answer these questions.

We can provide the answers that will improve not only a child’s decision-making capabilities, but also nearly every aspect of the way your child thinks about life in general, leading them to make better choices.

Martial arts will help your children grow not just physically, but mentally and socially too. It will enable them to cope with all of life's day-to-day problems, including school and relationships, while also strengthening them physically.

We here at Changing Lives Martial Arts believe the best way to help children improve their lives, and futures, is to provide them with the tools necessary to tackle life's hurdles. Increased self-discipline, self-esteem, and self-defense are just some of the areas CLMA has, for years, improved in the lives of most students who walk into the academy. Changing Lives Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, Virginia is committed to improving the lives of children as young as three years of age, believing it's never too early to put a child on a path toward responsibility.

With nearly 31 years experience, the last twenty years in the greater Chesapeake area, CLMA provides the best instruction of Taekwondo and Krav Maga not just regionally, but across the United States.

Led by Senior Master Instructor, Tracy Lee Thomas, a 7th Degree Black Belt, CLMA is a top ten martial arts facility as rated by the
American Taekwondo Association. Locally, the school has been recognized as “Best of the Beach” and “Best of Chesapeake” since arriving in 2005.

CLMA will instill within your child values, skills, and a direction no other athletic activity outside of the martial arts studio will provide. Few things will enable your children to be more confident in all walks of life, and provide a lifetime of confidence, friendships, guidance, and discipline. When a child commits to martial arts, their level of respect for themselves, and others, grows immeasurably. Improved confidence, enhanced leadership skills, and of course, physical abilities, greater health, and ameliorated academic success are just a few of the things we at Changing Lives Martial Arts strive to improve over the course of a child's life.

At Changing Lives Martial Arts, your child will see the only limits that he or she has are the ones they set for themselves. For more information, please visit:,, or call us at 757-471-9002.

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