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The Affordable Care Act and the Republicans

Posted May 20 2013 9:47am

It is amazing to me that the Republicans in the House of Representatives can waste so much of the  tax payers' money by voting 38 times to repeal what they call Obamacare. This has cost us 50 million dollars. Yet they won't vote on a jobs' bill, they won't allow the sequester bill to die when so many children, veterans, and seniors are going to have their benefits cut. They don't seem to care that many kids will be removed from Head Start, many seniors won't get meals on wheels, and veterans' benefits will be cut. I wonder why these people wanted to be in Congress? Yes, they get great health care, good pensions, and good salaries. I am embarrassed that Darrell Issa is from Califronia where I live. Who ever elected this man?  He is turning into a Joe McCarthy from the old days and is reported to have the most money of any member in Congress.

The Health Care Act will give thirty million more poor people health insurance, plus keep the greedy insurance companies from canceling policies if medical bills become too high. Also, those with pre-existing conditions cannot be denied coverage. If you have seen some of the terrible medical problems I have as a physician, you would want the Health Care Act to go into effect and help as many people as possible. I wish the Republicans could spend some time in a busy. big city emergency room or have to watch someone die of cancer and know how important good insurance is to all of us.

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