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Thanksgiving Gratitude re: Ellimination Diet or Free Eating

Posted Oct 12 2009 2:51pm

What a blessed compliment!

After a super busy Thanksgiving weekend here in chilly Canada (we're having unseasonal lows!), we received the BEST compliment in regards to our 4 yr old son who has a diagnosis of severe ADHD & Sensory Processing Disorder. A compliment that warmed my heart and brought peace to my soul. Seriously. Peace to my soul! Dramatic? I think not....not when you live the ADHD life.

Anyway, my sister commented on how different our son is. How much he's changed. How calm he is.

Aren't these the words that all parents want to hear about a loved child who has been known to be "off the wall & beyond busy". Those are ususally the descriptives we hear. Times are changing though, and I chalk it all up to our eating regime, which I call Free Eating as it is free of gluten, cassein, dye, sugar and preservatives.

In July, we began an ellimination diet to determine what foods affect W. This was a two week event and I knew that orange dye specifically cause extreme hyperactivity for W. This was found out during toilet-training when I was using edible rewards. Never again will an orange sucker be an edible reward! Now I know it's not just the dye. It's also the sugar, preservatives, gluten and dairy.

A dairy allergy wasn't new to us either as when W was 16 months old we switched him to soy then goat milk due to very loose, multiple daily bowel movements, excema, and ear infections. Once dairy was completely removed from his diet all the symptoms disappeared. All of them!

So, anyway, in July I went the full gamut with a change in diet. We are reaping the benefits! Now, I am very well aware that skeptics are out there including some medical professionals. However, the proof is in the to speak. Give my child some pudding and you will see the "off the wall" "hyper" "BUSY" child of days gone by. It is amazing! Simply amazing. For skeptics it's unbelievable. May I say that I am a believer; hook, line and sinker. Nothing could change my mind now and this is one soap box that I will gladly jump up on and preach to the masses.

To have people comment on the change they see, how they would never know my son has a diagnosis...well, what could I be more grateful for? These comments make the effort, the research, the cooking, the money, the's all worthwhile. I am so grateful. I am so proud of my little man.

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to you! May there be much in your life to be grateful for as well.

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