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Temper Tantrums, Hitting, and "The Naughty Chair"

Posted Nov 12 2009 10:04pm

I'll give you one guess who this blog entry is dedicated to.
Time's up.
If you guessed "Andrew", well. "DING, DING, DING!"
You're right!
Where the heck did this attitude come from?

Look out!
If he doesn't get WHAT he wants WHEN he wants's all over.
Stomping of feet.
Hey! He's got me beat! I don't even do that when the Cubs blow a 9th inning lead, only to lose the game.

This goes with the tantrums.
Once again, if he doesn't get WHAT he wants WHEN he wants's all over.
And this is purposeful hitting, too!
He knows exactly what he is doing.

In knew I would find a good use for this ffff-ugly chair.
Go back and take a good look at the picture of the chair at the beginning of this post.
Ffffff-ugly, right?
Who on God's earth would actually sell something that ugly?
Seriously! Check out the size of the breasts on the gorilla!
I have been to many a zoo in my days and have watched many an episode of "Animal Planet" and have NEVER seen breasts on a gorilla like this before!
(Note: I did NOT purchase this chair. It was given to me by someone who shall remain nameless.)
I actually thought of throwing the chair in the garbage since it is so God awful ugly, but then I found a good use for it.
Enter the Naughty Chair.
This is a term taken from Jo Frost of "The SuperNanny".
Love her!
When I was pregnant with Andrew, I would relax on Friday evenings in my oversized recliner chair with my overly-edematous legs elevated while drinking more water and watched for one hour some of the most dysfunctional families with the most hellion-like children and think to myself "This is all an act for TV! No one could be this Jerry Springer-like, could they?"
Enter Andrew at age 18 months.
He decided to enter the "Terrible Two" stage about six months early.
Temper tantrums.
Then the hitting.
I got fed up and whipped out the chair and plopped his butt in it telling him that he would be sitting there for the next one minute (he is up to two minutes now!) for his behavior.
After several trips to the infamous chair, I think he is getting the point that his behavior will not be tolerated.
The following is taken from the book " SuperNanny: How To Get The Best From Your Children":
1. Give a verbal warning.
Come down to their level, look them in the eye, and tell them exactly what behavior they did will not be tolerated.
2. Give the Ultimatum
If your child repeats the same negative behavior, come down to their level again and remind them that the said behavior is unacceptable and if it happens again they will be going into the Naughty Chair (or step, or carpet, or whatever you want to use).
3. The Naughty Chair
As soon as the behavior happens again, take the child to the chair. He/she has been warned. Place them in the chair and place them in it. I use the guide of one minute for every year of age they are. In Andrew's case, he is two now, so he sits on that chair for two minutes.
4. The Explanation
Before you walk away from your now wailing child who was just placed somewhere that they surely do not want to be, explain to them why they are there and for how long you expect them to sit there. Tell them when you will come back for them I usually set the timer on the stove.
5. The Apology
Once the time is up, ask your child for an apology for what they did. Depending on the child's age and their ability to communicate, you can always tailor this to suit your needs. One final time, remind them as to why they had to sit in that spot.
6. Praise
Once your child has apologized, praise them for it! I always give a hug, too. It just lets them know that you still love them, even though you made them cry for a while and sit somewhere that was not pleasant.
7. It's Over
Go on with your routine. Play like nothing had happened. It is now in the past.
Below is the link for Jo Frost's books:
Thursday, he sat in that chair five times!
So far today...not once!
The verbal warning of the chair seems to be doing the trick!
It is worth a try.
If anyone else has any other ideas on how to curb the little man's behavior, please submit your comments below!
Thank you in advance!
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