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Tell me about taking my young child to hospital.

Posted by Be Well

What are some tips for taking a young child to the hospital?
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If you and your child need to go to the hospital, reassure your child and explain that you're going together to see the doctor at the hospital to make things better:

  • take a favorite toy with you,
  • dress your child in a coat or a dressing gown over their nightclothes, or dress your child fully (it doesn't matter which - do what seems most sensible),
  • arrange care for other children or, if this is not possible, take them as well (it is not wise to leave a child at home without an adult there to look after them),
  • if your child takes regular medication, take it with you, and
  • don't forget to leave a note, and take your keys, handbag or wallet with you.
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