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Teenage Entrepreneurship

Posted Jan 14 2009 7:37pm

Student_010987_tnb Teenagers have the foresight to see into the future and understand that having their own businesses is the key to their higher education and a prosperous future.

The Millennials (today' s young people) are increasingly turning to entrepreneurship as both a way to earn money and a lifestyle. In addition to making money, entrepreneurs in their teens and 20' s are insisting that they make their mark on society as well. This movement is becoming known as "Social Entrepreneurship."

Teens with a drive to be successful are now laying the groundwork for becoming very successful later in life.

Our teenagers are our best hope for the future. It' s time to empower them and give them the tools necessary to succeed in our tumultuous world.

And, if your grades aren' t the best, having a successful business may give you an edge to make the cut. It' s much more impressive to say that you ran a business than it is to say you worked at J.Crew.

So, why would colleges care if you' ve run a business?

It shows that you have the creativity, leadership skills and vision to be successful in many facets of your life.

You' ve balanced school and work before. You' ve had some "real world" experiences that will allow you to add to the classroom environment.

Also, having a successful business makes you interesting. More and more colleges are adding Entrepreneurship programs and colleges hope that students with entrepreneurial experience will enhance all students' experience.

Are you ready for your baby to be an entrepreneur? It' s a big jump for many parents. As your child grows into an adult, he or she will require greater independence. You can help your teen start his or her business in a number of ways.

Find out how teenagers worldwide have become successful in business.

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