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Taking a break

Posted Jun 12 2009 12:00am

This week has flown right by, so has last week, and the week before, and the week before that. Infact, I think Im still stuck somewhere in December, or last year…wondering why it was 70 degrees the other day. It seems that whenever I try to put the brakes on, and slow things down just a little, things speed up…and life spins on by, making those old sayings about taking time to enjoy things so much more real. I watch the kids, and hear the talk about how LOOONG it is until a certain day, How LOOONG it is going to be until their next birthday, and I think of a few things, remember a few more, and poof! Were knocking on their birthday door.

I don’t expect that last bit to make sense.

This weekend, Im taking the kids to the fishing derby . A kids fishing derby. I don’t think Madison is entirely sold on the idea, and I don’t think Josh will participate. But Dylan, is over the top excited, infact, hes already got his tackle box packed, his fishing pole out, and everything ready to go – even though he isn’t technically aloud to fish with bait, or lures. I remember going there. I remember being four years old. Standing on the edge of the little creek with kids standing right beside me, and holding my pole in the water. Waiting. The anticipation. Watching as other kids got fish, and other parents slapped their kids on the back, wanting so badly to catch the BIGGEST fish, when in reality the biggest fish was only going to be about 6 inches long.

My sister caught a fish before me, she got it, reeled it in, and laid it on the cement before she wandered off to play with her friends. She won a trophy. The “Biggest” fish. She wasn’t impressed, she gave a confused look, took her trophy, and once she saw how much it meant to me, she broke into the biggest smile before she strutted off to show her friends. I remember that day. Its right there. Clear in my mind. Yet here I am, getting ready to take my kids down, and in a way, it makes me feel so…old.

Im Preparing for a melt down from Josh, and a freak out from Madison. Preparing for Dylan to not want to leave, preparing to meet people I don’t want to meet, and maybe take them across the street to practice base ball. Maybe we will bring their bikes, maybe we will just take a walk, see the miniature horses, maybe we wont.

But I plan to take it easy. I plan to not have plans, to take the day off from the stress, chaos, schedules, appointments, and everything else that runs the days together. I plan to take the day to watch them. To enjoy them. I plan to not plan, and let things happen as they happen. I plan on laughing a lot, and smiling with them. I plan on it raining…and forgetting the rain gear, and making “make-shift” rain coats out of garbage bags – because Im cheep like that.

Because soon enough, it will be Monday. There will be appointments, games, and work. A birthday party for one to attend, and therapy for another. Practice games for Dylan, melt downs for Josh, yelling fits for me, and crying from Madison. Soon enough another week will come and go, and I will be dragging my feet wishing for time to just slow down.

But tomorrow. Just for one day. I plan on watching the world spin by, not the other way around. With the world watching me spin by. Just for one day, I plan to walk a little slower, and take time to listen to whats being said. I plan on taking advantage of the small things…and taking time to smell the flowers, or run in the rain. Tomorrow. I plan on watching the kids grow up. Because its been a while.

A long while.

I think its time.

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