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swollen lymph node on back of neck

Posted Apr 14 2010 10:33am
Hello, my 4 year old son, Antonio has a swollen lymph node on the back of his neck (right side between hairline and shoulder). I first noticed it in December soon after his pediatrician burned of a molluscum wart he had on his upper back. The burn was about the size of a dime. It blistered and continued to heal. His pediatrician (back in December) said the swollen lymph node was reacting to the burn but to be safe she ordered bloodwork. That came back normal. Here we are now in April and the lymph node has not gone down. I am extremely worried that it may be cancer because of course thats the first thing that comes up when I google it. I know this is a big no no but I really cant help it! He is scheduled to get the lymph node removed on Monday because we didnt let it go and took him to see a pedi surgeon who also felt it was just a reactive lymph node but that sometimes it becomes so worrisome for parents that they can go ahead and remove it for testing and our peace of mind. I know i am getting ahead of myself and should just wait to get this procedure done but I was wondering if there was anyone else out there that has been through this already. I would really appreciate your feed back and also ask that you keep my son in your prayers!
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